Nolo's Patents For Beginners: Quick & Legal (English Edition)

Nolo's Patents For Beginners: Quick & Legal (English Edition)

Autor : David Pressman,richard Stim
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Nolo's Patents For Beginners: Quick & Legal (English Edition)

A brilliantly clear and up-to-date patent guidePatent law is changing, and this bestselling primer on patent law has up-to-date information on the America Invents Act, the most important change to American patent law in two centuries.Packed with detailed information, Nolo's Patents for Beginners explains how to:document your inventionacquire patent rights"read" a patent applicationunderstand how and why to make a patent searchdetermine patent ownershipfind patent informationunderstand international patent law, anddecide whether to file a provisional patent.Nolo's Patents for Beginners provides plain-English explanations of patent law, patent and invention resources and a glossary of patent terms. This edition is completely updated to cover all changes in patent law with the latest implications of recent federal patent law reform.

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